They ran him for asking so much sick leave

London.- A Land Rover employee who took no more and no less than 808 sick leave won the lawsuit against his company after he was fired and the judge ruled that his dismissal was inadmissible.

As local newspaper Birmingham Live reports, Vic Rumbold, who worked for almost 20 years at Castle Bromwich’s Jaguar Land Rover, was fired in 2018 for “conduct and competition” reasons, as the company determined at the time.

Land Rover broke its own code

However, the now former employee appealed to the Birmingham Labor Court and the magistrate ended up agreeing with him because the English carmaker did not properly apply its so-called Attendance Management Procedures. Consequently, a reasonable process could not be reached in which the man considered that he could be fired.

“From the moment they decided to fire him, this was not a sanction that was within the range of reasonable responses available in their procedures” considered a judge.

According to the ruling, before firing him Jaguar Land Rover had to have followed “its own procedures” and offered its employee “advice or at least a warning about his absences and the need to improve to avoid an additional sanction.

Meanwhile, Jon Carter, the company’s launch manager, calculated the cost of the 808 shifts or work days that the employee took for health reasons, injuries at work and even due to an alleged attack, ensuring that all the absences cost Land Rover about $ 130,000 (2 million 591 thousand 71 pesos).

Likewise, Carter maintained that his former employee did not have a year with a complete attendance record, since the same year he was run, he had hip problems and was diagnosed with avascular necrosis, which causes chronic pain. Because of the condition, he was unable to work between March 12 and August 13.

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