They rob a Florida home and call the Police to take them to the airport

Miami, Jan 4 A couple who broke into a house in Polk County, central Florida, were arrested after making a strange call to the 911 emergency line in which they requested help to drive them to the airport and the transfer of “their belongings “Police reported on Wednesday.

The event occurred on December 31, when the detainees, Martin and his girlfriend, Liz, entered a home with no residents in the city of Poinciana and, after committing the theft, called 911 from the scene of the crime.

In the call, the woman asked that the Police help her and her boyfriend “get the belongings out of the house (the one they were robbing)” and take them to the airport because “they wanted to go to New York for the weekend.” explained the Polk Police office on social media.

The police officers gave them the help they requested and took them, “but not to the airport…” but to the Polk Pokey detention center, “where they were welcome to stay there all weekend,” police said ironically. .

“The Polk Pokey is so much better than New York anyway,” he added with a sneer.

The investigation began that day after a reported robbery at a Dollar General discount store in Poinciana, about 35 miles (56 kilometers) south of Orlando.

Police reviewed the store’s security videos and identified Martin as a suspect in the robbery, although they were unable to find his whereabouts.

Later that same day, law enforcement responded to a 911 call from a home, went there and knocked on the door, but received no response.

The agents found an unlocked door, entered the house to make sure everything was okay and found Martin and his girlfriend inside.

Questioned by law enforcement, the woman confessed that it was she who had called the emergency line to request assistance from the Police in the transfer of both to the airport “with their belongings.” EFE


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