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They scammed a retiree: they stole her credit card details

The criminals made purchases abroad for an amount of almost US $ 1000

A retiree from the town of General Lavalle suffered a theft with her credit card, which was used from abroad.

The events occurred on December 14, when, a minute apart, he received text messages on his cell phone notifying him of the operations of his Cordobesa-Mastercard in London and on the Pakistan subway. In addition, other extractions were made in Boston (United States) and Birmingham (England), also within a minute of each other.

In the summary, there were US $ 917. “They did not get more because I had no more funds,” said the retiree, adding: “How can it be that the bank has not found out about these movements? trip, being that I receive a provincial retirement ”.

Immediately, it was carried out in the Banco de Córdoba and in the Ombudsman’s Office of Río Cuarto. Then the account was blocked.

Bancor Recommendations

Faced with the increase in cybercrime, Bancor constantly reminds us of the importance of taking care of data on home banking cards and keys. For this reason, on their social networks they spread recommendations to avoid falling for these scams.

“We will never ask for your account details or passwords. If they contact you to ask for them by mail, telephone or networks, you are not in front of the bank, but in front of criminals ”, says the entity in the middle of the campaign against“ phishing ”. Likewise, another of the recommendations indicates “do not share your security codes or information about your efforts with anyone. Nor do we send links for you to enter your products or services ”.


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