They tied a dog to a post and left him in the freezing cold: ‘He was terrified’

Someone around Birmingham thought they were starting the new year off in the worst possible way.

In the night between January 2 and 3, a dog was abandoned outside the Woodgate Valley fire station. Abandoned yes, but not left free: the animal was in fact tied by one leg to a post and could just reach a bowl of water that its former owner had left it not too far away.

It was freezing when firefighters from this area of ​​the UK arrived. The outside temperature was in fact one degree Celsius. The dog was absolutely terrified and numb, he wrote their Twitter Cara, the operator of the Rspca (the main British organization dedicated to animal welfare) who took care of the rescue.

The firefighters immediately gave him food and water. The dog was then taken to a safe and above all warm place. He’s fine now, says Cara; he is in a kennel.

The hope is that he can be adopted soon and that the new year brings a new owner, able to give him that love that those who abandoned him in the cold were absolutely unable to give.


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