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Ensenada, Baja California.- The Federated Commercial Industrial League presented its call to play the First Force State Championship.

The newly created organization that bears the same name as the circuit founded in 1969 will debut in the contest where the Municipal, Rural and Urban Ensenadenses also militate.

The competition starts on June 12.

Its headquarters will be the field of the Ernesto Moreno Sports Unit of El Sauzal.

The IC League continues to operate with activity in the second force, but outside the State Baseball Association, with its headquarters in the Alberto Mancilla and Manuela Márquez fields.

Pre-selected Federated IC


John Joseph “Kany” Eagle

Juan Jose Peralta

Eduardo Melendrez

Alvaro Cruz Castellanos

Roberto Carlos Esquer


Ricardo “Ricky” Delgado

Agustin Campa

Jiroo Perez

Louis Marchena

Jorge Peralta

Esteban Solis

Pedro “Pepper” Hernandez

Manuel “Manny” Estrada

Alejandro “Fiero” Garcia

Damian “Fish” Skipper

Erik Gutierrez


Hector Mayoral

Manuel “Memo” Mancilla

Edher Peralta

Serge Villalva

Antonio Morillo

Adolfo Valdez

Orlando Arellano

Iran Torres

Francisco “Frank” Ramos

Alexis Amador


Louis Carrillo

Edward Arenas

Samuel Romero

Francisco “Frankie” Gutierrez

Andres Garcia

Fernando Ching

Luis Angel Cecena

Alberto Beltran

Gildardo “Gil” Villavicencio

Emiliano “Chapman” Garcia

Alfredo “Junior” Peralta

coaching staff

Edgar Meza

Rodolfo “Fito” Sandez

Javier “Vitamins” Espinoza

Jesus Murillo

July Cota

Ramon “Whip” Valenzuela

Ivan Ibarra


Orlando Collins


Alfonso Goldbaum

Bat boy

Rodolfo Sandez Jr.

Information: Angel Dominguez.

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