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After the tour led by the Governor of the State, María Eugenia Campos Galván, in the United States, she managed to sign a collaboration with more than 80,000 talents from Chihuahua, who over the next 5 years, through top-level content and certifications in universities like Harvard or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Governor signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Theuns Botha in Washington DC, with the representatives of edX, which is the world’s leading online learning platform of 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), with the intention of collaborating in an initiative that seeks benefit more than 80 thousand talents.

“I want to thank on behalf of each person, each child, young person, and person from Chihuahua who will have this opportunity” were the words shared by the head of the Executive during this signing of the agreement between the state and the authorities of the learning platform .

The governor of Chihuahua announced that very soon the internet will be available throughout the state through Chihuahua Online and that this action together with the agreement that aims to provide courses in data science, engineering, programming and economics in edX. orgc, will result in better education and more competitive people.

He highlighted that Chihuahua has become the first entity in Mexico to sign an agreement with a world-leading platform that will ensure the supply of training relevant to the requirements, skills and abilities demanded by the industry, one of the main challenges for the transformation state economy in high-value areas.

During this event, the Governor of the State also explained that it is essential to guarantee the growth of the industry installed in the entity, as well as the attraction of new investments and businesses that require more specialized talent, for which, through the Secretariat of Innovation and Economic Development created the Chihuahua Talent Program that in a first stage contemplates an investment of 7 million pesos and the certification of 10 thousand users in 2022.

This year, the collaboration will be with edX, MTnet and Dell Technologies and the intention with this MoU is to continue for the next few years, increasing resources to benefit as many talents as possible and continue to be the spearhead state in the country, in addition that a leading global learning platform that, together with the majority of the world’s top-ranked universities and industry-leading companies, integrates a community of more than 44 million students with world-class education to support them at every stage of their lives and careers, from free courses to full professional degrees.

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Upon completion of the certificates, students will be able to acquire knowledge taught by experts from 140 universities around the world in topics such as engineering, data science, programming, economics, and the humanities.

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