Third attempt in front of a large audience

New Year’s reception: Alzenau’s Mayor Stephan Noll welcomes 741 guests in the Prischoßhalle

01/02/2023 – 6:40 p.m


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New in Alzenau: Pizza Hut and KFC – as well as an Italian grocery store on Daimlerstrasse in the northern industrial area. Photo: Michael Mueller

Photo: Michael Mueller

Stephan Noll called for maintaining “cohesion” in the city.

Photo: Thomas Minnich

741 people accepted the invitation to the New Year’s reception in the city of Alzenau – it was the first “real” reception for Mayor Stephan Noll, who had to deliver a digital version twice so far. Photos (2): Thomas Minnich

Photo: Thomas Minnich

A lot has happened in Alzenau just before the turn of the year: In Daimlerstraße, which has been home to Mc Donalds, Toom hardware store and others for years, the selection for fast food fans has increased. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Pizza Hut have opened their restaurants.

An Italian delicatessen has also settled here.

Alzenau’s Mayor Stephan Noll listed the above in his New Year’s speech – as examples of the development of trade and commerce in the city. It was Noll’s third New Year’s speech – and the first before a “real” audience. The mayor appeared “virtually” on January 1, 2021, and a digital New Year’s reception followed, also under the influence of the corona pandemic, on January 1, 2022 from the Michelbacher Schlösschen.

So now, on New Year’s Day 2023, the reception at the well-established place was a success. The Alzenauer did not let their town hall boss in the lurch. 741 guests were counted who shook hands with the mayor and his spouse Oliver Rickert in the attractively prepared Prischosshalle.

Jubilee from Michelbach

A jubilarian entertained on stage: The mayor’s regular club, the Michelbacher Musikverein Concordia, can celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. The Michelbach musicians played under the direction of Karsten Meier and proved to be flexible. At the mayor’s request, they interspersed a mourning piece in honor of the deceased “Bavarian Pope” Benedict into their program.

Back to the change in trade. As further news, Noll announced that the former Schuhhaus Kohl in Wasserlos will in future be used as a butcher’s shop “Paesano” with lunch, party service and Italian delicatessen. In talks with the supermarket chain Tegut, it is also being examined whether a pure self-service shop “Teo” in Wasserlos makes sense – Albstadt and Kälberau are also being discussed as possible locations.

Looking ahead, Stephan Noll focused on two main points in his speech:

Alzenau as a role model when it comes to the energy transition. The city, with its environmental and climate advisory board and numerous partners, is working “high pressure” to shape the city’s energy future. They want to generate and store “green” electricity in Alzenau and dock it with the construction of a hydrogen filling station on a planned supra-regional hydrogen pipeline. Noll announced a revised and coherent climate protection concept for the city for the first half of the year. All of the city’s construction projects, from the expansion of the town hall to the construction of a day care center without water, would meet the highest standards. The city is showing that it wants to live up to its role as a pioneer and role model.

Alzenau as a social city: The »Special Olympics World Games« will take place in Berlin from June 17th to 25th. These games are considered to be the largest inclusive sporting event in the world. Four days before the official start, 80 members of the Paraguayan delegation will arrive in Alzenau. The delegation should acclimatize after their flight and experience the best hospitality in Alzenau. For Stephan Noll, the days of Alzenau as a so-called “host town” should be further proof of the city’s willingness to live inclusion.

Two clubs as “encouragement”

Two clubs in particular should be mentioned with their activities in this regard. First of all, the association “unhindered living together”, which is “stubbornly and emphatically” promoting a housing project in Alzenau for people with disabilities, and FC Bayern Alzenau, which has built an inclusive football team. “A really great project,” says Stephan Noll, who sees the examples given as “encouragement”: “Together (in diversity) we can achieve more, together we are unbeatable,” said the mayor.

bIn his speech, Mayor Noll spoke in detail about the Corrugated Verdict said: Own report follows. Photos from the reception:


New Year’s speech: numbers and dates

Numbers and dates from the New Year’s speech by Alzenau’s Mayor Stephan Noll.

Congratulations went citywide in 2022 for 90 silver weddings, 33 golden weddings, eight diamond (60 years) and four iron weddings (65 years). The best-known gold couple were Irene and Walter Scharwies.

The oldest Alzenauer turns 98 this Tuesday. Four women are over 100, the oldest woman from Alzenau is 101 years old. Six women from Alzenau are 99 years old The average age in the city is 45.4, the average age for men is 44.2 and for women 46.5.

The 100th anniversary of the association of the Musikverein Concordias Michelbach is to be celebrated on May 13th and 14th in front of the Michelbacher Schlösschen. Other »prominent« anniversaries are the 125 years of the Frohsinn Alzenau and Edelweiß Michelbach choral societies. ()

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