This car is struck by lightning in the United States: “I felt a slight shock and my ears started ringing” (video)

© Capture d’écran YouTube High Risk Chris

A tornado chaser was struck by lightning on a highway in Iowa, United States, on April 12. Within seconds, the driver did not understand what was happening. The car was immobilized.

The pictures are impressive! They show a car struck by lightning on a road in Iowa, United States, on April 12. More Pi, tornado hunter, was in the middle of storm hunting when his vehicle suffered a “light shock” just after a “incredible tornado”. “My ears started ringing”said the man on his YouTube page.

With him was another YouTuber, High Risk Chris. He filmed the whole scene from his own car and also shared the footage on the internet. “This is a unique photo of a car struck by lightning”he writes on his side on YouTube.

© YouTube Screenshot More Pi

He tells the story: “My friend, More Pi, was struck by lightning on 4-12-2022 in Iowa while out storm hunting. I happened to be recording in that direction when it happened. His car crashed. immobilized, and we’re still working on it. IT’S CRAZY!”.

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