This is how 1 million was earned with only $10 dollars in Florida

The lucky ones in the game continue to appear every day on the US scene.

One of the most recent cases involved a man from Florida. The man, a resident of Orlando, bought a scratch-off for just $10.00 USD and, to his surprise, took home $1 million.

Nagendra KC is gray, 63 years old, and had the luck of his life to win the top prize in contention. Lottery experts confirmed that the winning ticket was purchased from the CASH CLUB Scratch-Off game at a Circle K convenience store. The exact location was 700 South Kirkman Road in Orlando.

Everyone wins with the jackpot

Indeed, everyone wins if the jackpot is involved. The lucky Scratch-Off winner opted to receive a one-time cash payment of $880,000.00 USD. Meanwhile, the store that sold the winning ticket will receive an additional commission of $2,000.00 USD.

The main prize is gone, but there are still several trophies up for grabs within the CASH CLUB itself. This was announced by the lottery organizers on their website. “The last major scepter has already been claimed but there are others that range from $10.00 USD to $100,000.00 USD,” the owners of the draw asserted.

About two weeks ago a woman residing in North Carolina got lucky and won a grand prize of $200,000.00 USD. She made possibly the smallest investment of her life by purchasing her ticket for only $5.00 USD.

The winning lady deserved her financial trophy with the 20X The Cash game. Like most of the winners in these cases, she was surprised by the good news and thanked luck for her triumph.

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