This is how Dacre Montgomery would look like the new Wolverine 😲

Will this young actor be able to fill Hugh Jackman’s shoes? 🤔

Since it was announced that Hugh Jackman I would leave the role of Wolverine many have been the names that have circulated around his successor that takes the iconic character of Marvel, and one of those possible candidates is the actor of Stranger Things, Dacre Montgomery.

The rumor that the actor from 25 years would be the one to put the claws soon emerged after he decided to post on his Instagram profile a of art in which he appears personified by Wolverine, however, out of nowhere he chose to remove the publication from his social networks, thus increasing rumors about his participation in an upcoming project of the X-Men.

Rumors about Dacre as Wolverine date back to a couple of years ago when the famous graphic artist, BossLogic made some pictures that showed him as the character, and then they escalated after he Disney acquired the rights to the properties of Marvel Fox in 2019.

So far Marvel Studios has not released if it has any plans with Wolverine in any upcoming movie. However, Dacre Montgomery remains a strong option

Would you like to see this actor as Wolverine?

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