This is how Federico Jiménez Losantos explained the blow that Paloma Cuevas just took on her divorce

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas

Federico Jiménez Losantos explained a few days ago the reason why Enrique Ponce does not want to sign the divorce

Seven months have passed since Enrique Ponce broke his relationship with Paloma Cuevas, and to this day they still have not signed a divorce agreement. Sources close to the bullfighter assure that it is he who refuses to sign and that everything is due to economic reasons
As reported by friends of the bullfighter and the radio journalist Federico Jiménez Losantos has made public, it would have been he who does not want to sign the divorce.

A few days ago in The Pink Chronicle of It’s Federico’s Morning He counted on Beatriz Cortázar and Alaska to learn about the bullfighter’s reasons for not signing the end of his marriage. Federico Jiménez Losantos was clear from the beginning the main reason. “Enrique is not going to sign the papers for something I said from the beginning based on the history of mankind. That in inheritances nothing is respected and families are broken. And the worst thing you can say is: it won’t happen to me ».

Federico Jiménez Losantos: «Ana Soria’s godfather is Baltasar Garzón»

Federico Jiménez Losantos clarifies that the reason is due to a “money problem”. «Here there has been a generous verbal agreement because he was running away with a young woman whom he knew two years ago, and in the heat of the moment Enrique and Paloma wanted to be the best of friends. She signed, but he didn’t sign … And why if they agreed? Because he did not like the agreement and because Ana Soria’s godfather is Baltasar Garzón, who has not signed his either »said Jiménez Losantos, pointing to the one who could become the great advisor of the Soria family and, by extension, Enrique Ponce.

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Beatriz Cortázar also added: «When you do not break a legal paper a situation is also true that you do not initiate another, you live in a limbo of the separated ones that is very comfortable until everything calms down. Also clarify that “It is not signed and it will not be signed unless everything is renegotiated.” And the obstacle for Enrique Ponce is the economic issue, not so much the relative or the custody of his two minor daughters. The proof is that the bullfighter spent several days in Madrid with his daughters before Christmas, and there was no problem or impediment.

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas

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