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Authorities affirmed that virtual classes will always be an option for students


(NEWS NOW) .- Students in Montgomery County will gradually return to face-to-face learning on March 1 and 5 and modifications to school spaces will be activated, as well as strict sanitation measures, physical distancing and capacity limitations are expected to about 40%.

Melissa Rivera, spokeswoman for Montgomery Public Schools says that “We are going to have the teachers giving classes in the classroom to the students in person but they will also have a camera and a microphone to teach the students from their homes at the same time.”

He added that: “we call this model simultaneous instruction and students will be able to greet and interact with students who are virtually learning.”

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As students and staff enter the building, the first thing they will see is a personal protective equipment station which has antibacterial gel, face masks, disinfectant wipes among other items. In addition, they will have to answer a questionnaire to determine if they have been exposed to Covid 19.

On the other hand, school buses will operate in a limited way.

Rivera added that “The students are going to sit in a seat on each school bus, in this way the capacity of the buses is reduced from about 50 students to 22 because our focus will be that there is not much interaction between the students of different groups, that they remain in the same group throughout the day ”.

For parents like Margarita Jones, what causes concern is lunch and recreation, despite the fact that school authorities assure that they will follow a strict disciplinary system.

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Montgomery County school officials still do not know when all students will be able to return to in-person learning, while distance learning will remain an option.


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