This is how the people of Solothurn were at the World Games

This is how the Solothurn athletes fared at the World Games

The canton of Solothurn was represented by four athletes at the World Games from July 7th to 17th in Birmingham, USA. Fistball player Seraina Schenker was the only one to win a medal.

Fistballer Seraina Schenker wins the silver medal with her team at the World Games.

Moritz Kaufman

The World Games 2022 are history. They were a multi-sport event, like the Olympics, only with disciplines that aren’t, or no longer, part of the Olympics. And although Switzerland wasn’t the big winner in these disciplines, they still won twelve medals in the US state of Alabama. Three out of four Solothurn residents went away empty-handed. Only Seraina Schenker was able to get precious metal with her team.

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