This is how the three most famous waves in Hawaii break in a big way

This past Monday all the alerts went off: for the first time since 2016 the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, the most prestigious big wave surfing championship in the world. On Tuesday, however, claiming a change in the forecasts, he called off. On Wednesday, the day the event was to be held, the big waves were there and many of the best surfers in the world were also there, so they did not miss the opportunity to surf this mythical Hawaiian wave.

The video is from Leo Fioravanti, what is a Zeke Lau in a Water giant though touched by the wind. There was a lot of action. Not a lot of people in the water. Because it was really big and complicated and that meant that only the most experienced were in the water. Watching the show, it may be that the organizers regret not having continued with the green alert.


“The biggest rowing day of recent years”, they say from Tucker Wooding Media, authors of this video about Jaws, another of the most famous waves in Hawaii. The bathroom is also from January 11, Wednesday. In the water, another good group of surfers headed by Albee Layer, Billy Kemper, Torrey Meister, Paige Alms, Ian Walsh, Nathan Florence, Francisco Porcella, etc. “With the death of Marcio Freire “Mad Dog”one of the first to paddle board Jaws, many surfers were in the water with a bit of his spirit and they all surfed in his honor.


When there are waves this big in Hawaii and specifically in Pipeline, which is surely the most famous (and dangerous) wave in the world of surfing, what happens is that it awakens the third reef, offshore. Surfers become little drops of water on the horizon and the waves are crazy. Koa Rothman it is one of those little drops of water that dare to surf there and make it look easy to get waves that for any surfer would be “the wave of his life”.

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