This item in the bathroom is dirtier than the toilet seat

December 23, 2022 at 10:20 am

Those who travel often rely on the fact that there is a hair dryer in the hotel room. But that’s not a good idea. In fact, it’s even better to give it a wide berth.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a holiday, a weekend trip or a business trip: if you’re on the road, you try to travel with as little ballast as possible. Since the hotel rooms are now getting better and better equipped and a hair dryer in the bathroom has become almost standard, the hair dryer usually stays at home.

However, that’s not a good decision at all now reported, and can even become a real health problem.

A room full of germs

Ironically, the hotel hair dryer is an object with a real disgust factor! For those who care about their health, the following applies: hands off the hair dryers in the hotel. They are real germ spinners.

It is well known that hotel rooms are not always cleaned 100 percent thoroughly and that there can be problems with hygiene. Especially things like the toilet seat, the remote control and also provided water glasses usually show a clear germ load. This is now quite well known.

But what only very few suspect: The hair dryer provided is particularly contaminated with germs – regardless of the model and also the number of stars. Particularly disgusting: Not only do we use it to dry our hair, but we often blow the germs directly in our faces.

An American study proves the ick factor

As early as 2017, the microbiologist Chuck Gerba from the University of Arizona, commissioned by the television station ABC News, proved that a particularly high number of germs are found on the handles of hotel hair dryers.

The surprising reason: Due to the lack of storage space, the hair dryer is usually placed on the toilet or on the floor and thus contaminated. And the handle of the hair dryer is completely ignored when cleaning the room.

By the way, other particularly “dirty” objects in the room are noisy the menu card and the ice cooler. The same applies here: Better keep your hands off or clean thoroughly yourself first.

This is how you protect yourself

The easiest and best way to protect yourself: take your own hair dryer with you when you travel. Alternatively, you can let your hair air dry.

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