This little girl develops a rare disease that causes her hands to double in size

Only eight months old, Journey O’Connor has already seen green and unripe ones. The little girl is affected by an incurable disease due to which she has excess fluid in the upper part of her body. Direct consequence: her arms have doubled in size and she is a victim of sepsis.

A birth defect

“Journey is such a smiley little girl. You would not even realize that something is wrong with her, she is simply brilliant, ”tells her mother to our colleagues from Metro UK. “We need to take him to an expert in Birmingham to prevent his condition from getting worse. It breaks our hearts to see her in this condition. »

Doctors originally advised Mel to terminate her pregnancy after 16 weeks, when they found that the mum had cysts after 16 weeks. But the mom-to-be had decided to continue because she was sure that her daughter would survive. “When Journey was born, the doctors were happy to see that all her organs were working,” explains the mother.

“Terribly disturbing”

Unfortunately, she is the victim of a vascular lymphatic malformation, which makes her immune system failing, which is why a simple cold can be dangerous for Journey. “It is terribly worrying. As a mother, you always worry about your children, but this is something else again. I want to wrap her in cotton and protect her,” concludes the mother.

The family are hoping to raise £5,000 for private comprehensive decongestant therapy (CDT) to help Journey.

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