This luxurious hotel is California’s best kept secret

Faithfully believing that what makes a hotel great is 50% inside and the rest in its surroundings, we can ensure that in Californian you will enjoy 100% of an unforgettable stay.

And it is that this jewel located in the call American Rivierabetween the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, offers, in addition to indescribable landscapes and a Mediterranean climate ideal for summer, a growing food and beverage scene in Funk Zone y Urban Wine Trailas well as a careful service and a sophisticated design that has become a magnet for the elite of Hollywood and Los Angeles, which are just an hour and a half away. Yes, a privileged location for a select clientele who like to have everything at hand.

Hotel Californian: Pictures

“The Hotel Californian has become a destination for sophisticated travelers and Santa Barbara locals who enjoy the property’s world-class services and amenities housed in the Los Angeles-based design deity’s Moroccan-inspired jewelry box. , Martyn Lawrence Bullard“, highlights Rebekah Bell, Modern Luxury Interiors California.

Hotel Californian redefines luxury on the American Riviera

Member of Preferred Hotels & ResortsHotel Californian continues to redefine luxury on the celebrated American Riviera with 121 guest rooms that are a magnet for Hollywood’s elite, international visitors and locals alike.

Featuring dazzling spaces by famed designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, this property has become Santa Barbara’s premier urban destination, offering visitors sweeping views of the Santa Ynez coastline and mountains, along with easy access to explore the vibrant Funk Zone neighborhood, a bustling enclave with the city’s best wine tasting rooms, breweries, boutiques, art galleries, cafes and restaurants.

The Californian Hotel consists of three buildings occupying three corners at the intersection of the streets State y Masoneach with its own personality and attractions that together offer promenades, gardens, fountains, open plazas, and dynamic venues, including a rooftop pool and terrace with 360-degree views, a stunning ballroom, and the best of world-class meeting and event spaces, as well as a luxurious Moroccan-inspired spa, a spacious Alcazar suite, and delicious dining options.

Regarding this last point, Hotel Californian has the exclusive restaurant Blackbirdwith an innovative menu full of sustainable and seasonal products executed by the chef Travis Watsonwhose iconoclastic sandwiches are good for snack or dinner.

Also, it is Djinnthe eccentric library bar of the Hotel Californian with the mixology offer of the legendary Devon Espinosawidely recognized throughout Southern California for its intriguing fusion of ingredients and creativity in presentation.

A few, the gourmet offer increases with the exclusive tasting room of the hotel, The Society: State & Masonwhich opened to the public in March 2022 and offers a rotating selection of wines and bites to share.

Secondly, Goat Tree, with a cozy patio that invites outdoor dining, offers artisan coffee and fresh pastries, salads, sandwiches, paninis and sweets. Finally, on the roof of the Californian building is So sowhere guests can enjoy refreshing craft cocktails, sandwiches and snacks by the pool.

Would you like to be here, look for more information or make your reservation at once through this link.

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