This pigeon fled the United States to Australia and they want to shoot him down

Kevin Celli-Bird, a neighbor of Melbourne So named for the comical sense of chance, he went out to his patio on December 26 and found a little intruder there. It was a seemingly exhausted pigeon that had perched on its fountain to take a bath and drink water. The bird looked emaciated, so this caring Australian decided to take care of it until he recovered. She fed him, gave him shelter and even gave him a name: Joe.

But what seemed like a beautiful story was about to turn badly, for Kevin soon received news that was as curious as it was bitter. Joe was not really an Australian bird. Not even a New Zealander. It was neither more nor less than American, because he had come to his home after escaping from a pigeon race in oregon, barely two months before their endearing meeting. From now on, the authorities of the oceanic country demand the sacrifice of the animal.

The curious journey of a carrier pigeon

Joe isn’t exactly the most distant bird of all time. the Migrator birds they can travel great distances. The higher figure is held by arctic terns (Sterna paradisaea), which travel from the Arctic to the Antarctic during the non-breeding season.

Joe’s trip was not due to migration

Although the flight record is held by another bird, a colipint needle specimen that moved from Alaska to New Zealand, covering 12,000 kilometers in just 11 days. Without stopovers.

But the case of the protagonist pigeon in this story is different. It is not a migratory bird, but a domestic bird. As such, she is ready to fly fast, as a racing competitor, but not that far. If he succeeded, it is really because he cheated a little, because we believe that crossed the pacific aboard a cargo.

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Once he got to his destination, he drove a few more miles and landed at Kevin’s house. Even after doing a stretch by boat, the trip was so tiring that poor Joe was devastated. The story, with an apparent happy ending, appeared in some local newspapers, where it was eventually read by a member of the Australian Inspection and Quarantine Service. They contacted Celli-Bird and told him that the pigeon had to be euthanized or kicked out. Indeed, any domestic animal that has entered Australian territory without having undergone the necessary tests to check its health must leave as soon as possible. This is to prevent disease transmission from other parts of the world.

The execution has yet to take place, but suddenly the end of the story looks a lot worse. A whole Via Cruc is that of this dove.

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