This place is named the safest in California

California, United States. / 24.03.2021 13:53:29

A study published by the portal SafeWise released the 10 safest places to live in the state of California. And a town located in the Bay Area won the top spot for the second time.

The town of Danville, belonging to the county of Against Coastis considered the safest city in the state.The report found that this city has a violent crime rate of 0.05 per 1,000 residents and 6.6 property crimes per 1,000 residents.

“Danville has consistently been ranked the safest city, in our case, the city in the state of California. Community safety is our top priority for all of our residents and businesses,” Danville Mayor Renee S. Morgan said in a statement.

The rankings were based on 2019 FBI reported crime statistics.

Locations were ranked by the number of reported violent crimes, such as aggravated assault, murder, rape, and robbery, and the number of reported property crimes, such as robbery, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.

SafeWise calculated the crime rate per 1,000 people in each city. Furthermore, he found that It has a population of almost 45,000 inhabitants. The median family income is $152,714 a year.

Other places considered “safe” are:

-Santa Margarita Ranch (Orange County)

-Moorpark (Ventura County)

-Rancho Palos Verdes (Los Angeles County)

-Old alder (Orange County)

-Lake Forest (Orange County)

-Yorba Linda (Orange County)

-Laguna Niguel (Orange County)

-Mission Viejo (Orange County)

-Lincoln (Placer County)


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