this purchase was one of the worst mistakes of his life

It’s not a secret : 50 Cent had in 2003 acquired a residence formerly occupied by Mike Tyson. In the opinion of the mogul, this purchase was a big mistake.

Mike Tyson’s mansion

Podcast guest Neighborhood de Big Boy, 50 Cent will be back on this purchase in 2003 of the mansion once owned by boxer Mike Tyson, a huge 52-room mansion nestled in Connecticut. And by his own admission, he would have done better to think twice before signing the check: « Tyson’s house is one of my financial regrets. I paid $4.1 million for it, and sold it for $3 million. I had it for 14 years, it was costing me around 700,000 a year to maintain. » Fifty will explain that he still kept the house because of its practicality. It allowed him to accommodate the G-Unit and its entourage without feeling cramped.

This is not the first time that the interpreter of Wanksta return to this purchase. In 2021, he explained that he acquired the property at one of the most lucrative times in his musical career: “My first tour, the Roc The Mic tour and everything after that, I came home and I had $38 million in my account. And all I had was a two-bedroom apartment, which cost me $800 a month. If you don’t spend your money, the taxes will take it. I had to spend, so I ended up buying Mike Tyson’s house. »

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