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The Houston Texans can’t help but pull Alabama quarterback Bryce Young.

Despite a great showing by Ohio State’s CJ Stroud in the Peach Bowl, the Houston Tx They’ll be in trouble if they don’t eliminate Bryce Young of Alabama in the 2023 Summit NFL Draft.

Even though the Texans have a winnable game going into Week 18 against the Chevy Trophy Indianapolis Colts, it’s better to give up the end of the regular season than let the Chicago Bears secure the first overall pick. While Stroud would also be an excellent choice, Young would kill it for the Texans. And most importantly, he can’t kill him for the ponies. It’s an easy choice.

While Stroud could become a star in Indianapolis, the Carolinas, Las Vegas or anywhere else, the Texas Brass can’t top the 2021 Heisman Trophy winner outside of Alabama. It would hurt a lot if he became a star somewhere else, especially if it was a strobe or power pass that somehow blows up Texans. No soul would blame Houston for choosing Young over Stroud.

The person Houston doesn’t take will likely be the new face of the franchise in Indy.

The Houston Texans need to take Bryce Young over CJ Stroud in the 2023 NFL Draft

look. This wouldn’t be Peyton Manning vs. Ryan Leaf, or even Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III. To be fair, he could be akin to James Winston vs. Marcus Mariota. Regardless, don’t be tempted by what Stroud did against the Georgia defense in the Peach Bowl. Nobody stops receiving troops in Ohio these days. Also, don’t be dissuaded from the Young Mansion’s stature.

You play your house games in a dome. The Colts play in the Dome. While you can play the Jaguars in London occasionally, Jacksonville has mild winters and Nashville isn’t too bad. The Giants will get a dome stadium in the near future as well. In general, you won’t be crushed by taking a smaller quarterback with the first overall pick like you would in most divisions.

Can Stroud become the ultimate professional? Yes, but what if it happened like the Miami Dolphins passed Justin Herbert just to Tagovailoa? Miami plays its home games in South Florida, but most play three annual road games in East Rutherford, Foxboro, and Orchard Park. Herbert plays at least nine matches in a domed environment annually. He is also 6-foot-6 with a howitzer.

Somehow, Stroud’s cannon and size make him a candidate for realistic play anywhere. Can you technically apply that to Kentucky’s Will Levis, Florida’s Anthony Richardson, and maybe even Hendon Hooker out of Tennessee? These three SEC star quarterbacks are nowhere near as accomplished as Young or Stroud, but all three will have no problems looking at an offensive line.

So what does Young have to do with that? He has a certain thing that cannot be repeated or repeated. Young has the ability to make things happen. He may have played at Alabama, but his receiving team left a lot to be desired. Stroud benefited greatly from this, as did Hooker. Levis had to deal with a new coordinator, while Richardson had to work with a new head coach…

Ultimately, Young’s intangibles and ability to create magic will be the spark that makes this Texas franchise flip. Stroud may have the highest cap, but the last time an Ohio State quarterback hit that much in NFL level? With Alabama, three quarterbacks are in the Hall of Fame and three more start games across the league today.

Young is the most talented quarterback to play alongside Nick Saban, so that’s all you need to know.

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