This was the origin of the D-backs mascot

PHOENIX – The Arizona Diamondbacks name refers to the heavy snake with a triangular head from that state, and the team has used the reptile’s head as its secondary logo – the A being the main one – since its first season in 1998.

However, your pet is a lynx.

The D-backs didn’t have a mascot in their first two years in the majors. There were problems creating a pet snake, because well, snakes don’t have legs and you can’t have a snake wandering around the stadium if it doesn’t have limbs.

But it turns out that if former D-backs infielder Jay Bell hadn’t forgotten a birthday for his wife Laura, it was unlikely the team would have chosen a lynx as their mascot.

Before joining the D-backs in the 1997 Expansion Draft, Bell forgot Laura’s birthday during their third year of marriage.

“He wasn’t making that much money at the time and I forgot his birthday,” explained Bell. “And when I was going to look for her that night, I realized that I forgot. We had been to the mall the night before and he had a crush on some cats in a store. So he had to do something. I stopped by the mall before going for it and bought a cat for $ 20 and that was the beginning of cats in our home. “

And Bell’s son, Brantley, began to love cats.

Bell took his son’s idea to the band president, Rich Dozer, who loved the suggestion and on June 23, 2000, he was born. D. Baxter the Bobcat.

Brantley is now 27 and played for the Triple-A branch of the Reds in 2021.

“He still remembers,” Bell said of how the name came about. “We still talk about it from time to time. This is something very curious ”.


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