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Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP Photo

Supporters of President Trump broke into the Capitol on January 6 and temporarily occupied it. The intruders, who caught the eye in the shocking footage of the world, had various tattoos on their bodies. Tracing those symbols, we find that they lead to almost equal white supremacism on the far right.

◆ Symbol of Watanism
“Jake Angeli,” who has been exposed to the media many times as a follower of QAnon, is said to be 32 years old from Arizona. It is also called QAnon Shaman because it stands out as a fur headgear with two horns on its naked upper body.De Volonta, editor-in-chief of the media app “Upday,” noted the tattoo on his left chest, saying it was a symbol of Wotanism.Point out.. The tattoo is called Valkunuto, in which three triangles are intertwined, and is “a symbol of a warrior freed from death in Viking culture” (Le monde, 1/7) However, it is used as a symbol of Watanism in modern times. Called Wotanism or Wotansvolk, it is one of the radical ideas that preaches exclusive white supremacy.

Some claims that it was the anti-fascist activist “ANTIFA” who invaded the Capitol, not Trump supporters, with a photo of Jake Angeli as evidence.New York Times“He has been a supporter of QAnon for many years and has been a regular at the Arizona right-wing political rally in recent months,” (1/6) points out.

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