three elected republicans would have helped to organize it

Ali Alexander, one of the organizers of the “Stop the steal” demonstration, some of whose participants invaded the Capitol, assured that three elected Republicans had helped him.

A video since deleted, but which may cause a stir. On Wednesday, as the debates on the indictment of Donald Trump for “incitement to insurgency” began in the House of Representatives, Ali Alexander, a far-right activist who is one of the organizers of the “Stop the steal” protest , assured that three elected Republican had helped him to develop the rally, some of whose participants invaded the Capitol and interrupted the certification of the results of the presidential election. “The four of us came together to put maximum pressure on Congress while it was voting,” he said, according to “Washington Post“. The three elected are fervent supporters of the outgoing president: Andy Biggs (Arizona), Mo Brooks (Alabama) and Paul Gosar (Arizona). All three had opposed, unsuccessfully, the certification of the results.

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The purpose of this demonstration, during which Donald Trump called on his supporters to fight “like devils”, was to “change the minds of the Republicans who were inside, who heard us roar at the outside, “Ali Alexander continued in the video:” Those who were not decided or who saw everyone outside and said to themselves: ‘I cannot be on the other side than this crowd’ “. Last month recalls CNNPaul Gosar assured supporters of Donald Trump gathered in front of the Arizona Capitol: “Once we have conquered the Capitol, Donald Trump will become president again.” A promise that has a particular flavor after the violence last Wednesday, during which four rioters and a police officer died. A fifth, indicted in Georgia, and a police officer, deployed that day, committed suicide on Saturday.

“Haven’t you read anything about the tar and feather punishment?”

Andy Biggs denied any “discussion or meeting” with Ali Alexander, “even more any collaboration to organize a demonstration”. It must be said that the man is well known to the far right spheres and was even invited to the White House last July, on the occasion of a summit on social networks. Paul Gosar has had many interactions with him on social media, especially since Donald Trump was defeated in November.

Since the Capitol invasion, he has been banned from Twitter and Facebook for inciting violence, but also from Instagram, PayPal and Venmo. Last December, during a demonstration in support of Donald Trump, Ali Alexander said, according to Politico : “One of the organizers in one state said: ‘We are nice patriots, we do not throw bricks. I leaned over and said, “Not yet, not yet!” Haven’t read anything about the tar and feather punishment? It left second degree burns! We’re going to convince them not to certify the election on January 6, marching by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of patriots, to watch them in Washington and shut down this city, right? And if we have to explore the options after that… Again. Again ! We are not going to go away calmly. We will shut this country down if we have to. ”

On Tuesday, elected New Jersey Democrat Mikie Sherrill accused some of her Republican colleagues of having hosted, on the eve of the demonstration, several people in what she described as “recognition” for the invasion the next day. In a video posted on Facebook explaining why she will vote to impeach Donald Trump, she assured: “I intend to make sure that the members of Congress who helped him, those who welcomed the groups across the Capitol January 5 for recognition for the next day, those who incited the violent mob, those who tried to help our president undermine our democracy, I will make sure they are held accountable. ” Asked by Politico, she replied to reserve her answers to the authorities: “We are asking for an investigation with certain agencies”.

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