Three federal executions in four days: Trump’s latest legacy

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Outgoing US President Donald Trump will also be remembered as the one who has restarted the macabre death machine of federal executions.

Until July 2020 the last federal death sentence was carried out in 2013. Then, in six months, there have been 10 executions.

Before Trump formally leaves the White House, for the first time after 130 years in the transition period from one presidency to another there may be another three within four days: Lisa Montgomery il January 12, Corey Johnson he January 14 and Dustin Higgs the January 15.

Montgomery she is the only woman on federal death row. In 2004 he committed a horrible crime, strangling a woman and removing her eight-month-old fetus after performing a caesarean section with a kitchen knife.

The execution was confirmed despite the repeated checks psychiatric problems of the inmate: bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative behaviors and hallucinations.

Montgomery’s life was marked by sheer levels of decay and violence: sexual abuse and rape from the age of 11 by her mother, her friends, her first husband and his friends. No wonder he is awaiting execution in a prison medical facility for mentally ill prisoners.

Johnson, a member of a gang committed to serial killings, was sentenced to death for seven murders in Virginia, Higgs for the kidnapping of three women in Maryland. Both are on death row for over 20 years and, as of January 6, they were results positive for Covid-19. In their health conditions, the lawyers argue, execution would constitute a cruel and unusual punishment, contrary to the Constitution.

who Amnesty International’s appeal to stop the three executions.


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