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Ensenada, Baja California.- The Marineros de Ensenada are going through one of the most complicated moments of the still young 2022 season of the Northern League of Mexico by winning one of their last six games.

Pepe Águila, manager, considered that the streak is due to the departure of players to teams in the Mexican Baseball League that have requested them.

“The evaluation of this startup has been one of adjustments and learning. We have had a lot of changes due to the players that the Diablos Rojos del México and Guerreros de Oaxaca have required,” he explained.

He also mentioned that the fourth batter, Luis Daniel Serrano, was activated by the Algodoneros de Unión Laguna.

Among others, the Cuban pitcher, number one in the rotation, Rogelio Armenteros, left for the major summer circuit in Mexico, along with the Venezuelan pitcher who traveled to Guerreros, Egmer Escalona.

Other agreement players who emigrated are Pedro Castellanos, Sebastián García, Iván Rodríguez, Edwin Fierro and Christian Pacheco.

“It’s a good sign,” he said, even as manager Jose Luis “Borrego” Sandoval has had to “find balance in the lineup.”

Of the current moment, prior to the weekend series at home against the leading Los Cabos Buccaneers, he said: “We don’t have any losing streak in mind. Circumstances have arisen with the player calls”.

And he cited the last precedent against the Buccaneers, when the Buccaneers won the series cleanly against the Mariners in Los Cabos.

The changes in the Mexican League that have impacted the Northern League of Mexico, with a greater participation of foreigners and Mexican-Americans, “have had a positive impact,” he estimated, with a level that has exceeded expectations.

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“We see people with more experience who do not have the space in the Mexican League,” he said.

Of the players who continue, Cuban slugger Lázaro Hernández and Juremi Profar stood out, the latter brother of Jurickson, a player for the San Diego Padres.

But especially, he rescued the team’s commitment to dedicate themselves to work under the guidance of the historic former shortstop, “Borrego” Sandoval.

“I emphasize the work of the team, the coaching staff and the players, working extra”, he commented.

Manager José Luis Sandoval “protects the players a lot, works with them, there is a closeness as a family, I am not surprised but I am struck by how he protects them from the moment they arrive on the pitch”.

“He advises them with all the diamond he has traveled and the boys listen to him, he is an immortal, an example to follow,” he said.

The Mariners march with a record of 13-12, four games behind the Buccaneers leader.

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