Three rituals for a total lunar eclipse on November 8, 2022: for money, luck and love

The full moon and lunar eclipse on November 8 is an important day when the eclipse corridor closes. At this time, everyone will be able to gain good luck and prosperity through proven rituals.

On the day of the Full Moon, the energy of space changes, and the November Full Moon will be enhanced by an eclipse. site experts recommend finding out in advance which areas of life will be affected by this event in order to protect yourself. Also on Tuesday, it is worth holding one or more rituals aimed at attracting well-being.

Ritual in the lunar eclipse for finance

On the day of the eclipse, a wallet with money is placed on the windowsill and covered with a dark cloth, saying:

“I save money, I attract good luck, I replenish my account. As the eclipse passes, so will financial luck come to me.

After that, the wallet, along with the fabric, is placed in a bag and not opened for a couple of hours. Then they take out one coin and put it in a secluded place so that finances always come to the house.

Full Moon ritual for good luck

To attract good luck on the day of the Full Moon, it will turn out if on Tuesday morning you wipe the threshold at the front door with water and salt. Dirty water is poured into the sewer, and then the threshold is swept again with a clean broom with the words:

“Luck will not pass by, it will enter my house. I bring cleanliness, I will invite happiness to the dwelling.

The broom is washed in water with salt, and then placed at the threshold with the rods up, and a red thread with three knots is tied to the stick.

Rite to attract love

A white candle will help to attract love and get rid of loneliness. They put it on the windowsill, light it and peer into the flame. When the first drops of wax begin to flow, they say:

“I don’t shed more tears, don’t spend my life alone, don’t accumulate misfortunes, but love each other. As the candle burns out, so love will come to the house, it will ignite passion in two hearts.

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