Three X-rays at Tyras

X-rays are advancing in the food industry, including yoghurts… Tyras has opted for this technology in order to strengthen the quality control procedures of its products and verify that they do not contain foreign bodies. The Greek company has invested in three IX-GA-4075 systems from Ishida. Installed on three independent filling lines, they make it possible to verify that the products do not contain particles of metal, glass, bones, stones and other dense bodies such as certain plastics. Ishida technology is able to detect foreign bodies as early as 0.3 mm in diameter and pinpoint their location with precision.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms which constitute one of the peculiarities of this material, the machine learns on its own to refine the detection based on the analysis of the data of the images carried out during several cycles of testing. This results in simplified use for the operator and a high degree of reliability.

Calibration protocol

In particular, this technology makes it possible to focus on contaminants that are difficult to detect, even at high speeds. Likewise, it promotes the creation of a more precise calibration protocol during each test. This makes it easy to target permanent or recurring defects during the inspection process.

Each line displays a production of between 16,000 and 18,000 pots / hour. Ishida’s x-rays inspect the yoghurt pots individually, at a rate of 300 units / minute, as the products pass through the inspection chambers on two lanes. The conditioner wanted to invest in three independent machines, one for each line, for reasons of traceability.

Founded in 1950 by the Sarantis family, Tyras is part of the Hellenic Dairies group. Among the major Greek manufacturers of dairy and cheese products, the company operates five factories and employs 1,100 people with a turnover of 372 million euros.

Ishida develops systems for the weighing, control and packaging of food products. The Japanese group, which has a factory in Birmingham, UK, is a world leader in associative weighing.

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