TikTok: Alabama and Utah ban app on government equipment

TikTokthe short music video app from ByteDance, again receives a blow from the US authorities. In this opportunity, Alabama y Utah became the new states of EU that they decided to ban the app on state computer devices and networks for “national security reasons.”

According to what the agency details Reuters, Chris Way -director of FBI– warned last November that the Chinese government could use the social platform to control the collection of data from millions of users of USA or also to master the recommendation algorithm of said devices with the intention of using them for influence operations.

Alabama and Utah are concerned about TikTok

Kay Iveygovernor of the state of Alabamastated the following in a statement: “disturbingly, TikTok collects huge amounts of data, much of which has no legitimate connection to the supposed purpose of the video-sharing app. The use of TikTok in the state’s computing infrastructure thus creates an unacceptable vulnerability to Chinese infiltration operations.”.

In addition, the directive Ivey it also orders executive bodies to take the necessary measures to prevent the app from accessing sensitive State data.

United States vs. TikTok

Last Monday, December 12, Brendan Carr – Federal Communications Commissioner – said that at least nine states have taken action against TikTok “based on the serious security threats it presents”. Other states that have joined the prohibitions of the app on this type of device are Texas, Maryland y Dakota del Sur. Also, Indiana sued the app, saying it misleads users about accessing China to their data and that exposes children to mature content.

For his part, TikTok He was not silent about what happened. “We are disappointed that so many states are jumping on the bandwagon of enacting policies based on unfounded and politically charged falsehoods about TikToka spokesperson for the app said in a statement.

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