TikTok users go viral for rapping to get a discount (Aczino presents the Battle of the Chickens)

The freestyler and rapper Mauricio Hernández González better known as Aczino, continues to make history and it is not because of his two-time championship in the Battle of the Roosters but because of his rhymes, which even reached a famous fast food restaurant.

And it is that, the freestyleris the face of the new campaign KFC Mexico (Kentucky Fried Chicken), with which the most recent product of the brand is promoted, the chicken sandwich or chicken sandwich. Also, because the campaign is freestyleif the diner arrives rapping while ordering his combo, he will be given a discount.

“Come to your nearest KFC, order the $139 Kentucky Chicken Sandwich combo rapping and get a 30% discount (Includes Kentucky Chicken Sandwich, medium fries and flavored soda)”it should be noted that you can arrive rapping directly at the counter or at the drive-thru.

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