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This is Rory McCarty, an American born in the state of Maryland who decided to carry out an act of kindness at Christmas, showing his admiration and gratitude to his country’s war veterans.

With more than 273,000 followers and a TikTok channel where he often posts content exploring abandoned places in his city, the 53-year-old flipped through the app until one in particular caught his eye.

It was a man who At age 82, he worked at a Walmart store in the city of Cumberland (Maryland) and was a Navy veteran. from United States; she served 10 years in service.

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His name was Butch Marion and he said in the clip that he had a job at the vehicle manufacturer General Motors, but had to retire to help care for his ex-wife’s husband. In the end, both died; he was left alone and with financial problems.

I just wanted to get something going and the lord did the rest“McCarty told the US news channel ‘FOX 5’, assuring that Marion’s kindness and nobility inspired him. That’s why he got down to work and he started a GoFundMe to raise enough money for the old man’s early retirement.

“I was shopping at Walmart and was served by an 82-year-old man named Butch. As a business owner and knowing how difficult it has been trying to find good help, I was amazed to see him still working 8-9 hour shifts. He wanted to help this Navy veteran live out the rest of his years traveling and doing the things he would love to do. Every penny will go to Butch“, can be read in the description of the campaign.

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The strategy worked. In just two days they managed to raise $100,000, making $3,000 the largest single donation to date. The ex-marine’s pleasant surprise was great: “I mean, everything is a blessing. It’s a miracle. It’s a miraculous Christmas, what can I say?“.

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Marion is extremely grateful and will use that money to pay off his debts and improve his quality of life: “I will have nothing but my utility bills, and it will give me time to sit on the riverbank and fish, drink a couple of beers cold and that kind of thing.

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