Tiktoker raises $100,000 so 82-year-old Walmart employee can retire

The old man had to go to work at Walmart to pay off debts.

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A couple of weeks ago a Tiktoker named Rory McCarty went to a Walmart, in Cumberland, Maryland, and thereabouts met an 82-year-old man named Butch Marion, who despite his advanced age, works as a cashier in said establishment.

McCarty, who in said social network has more than 270,000 followers who enjoy the content that he uploads on the platform about abandoned sites or houses, went to Walmart to buy some batteries and when he got to the checkout to pay for them, he ran into Butch there, an old man who, according to his words, attends to the clientele in a very friendly way.

The Tiktoker gave himself the opportunity to chat with the old man while he was doing his job, a conversation that he recorded with his cell phone and that he would later share with all his followers in order to try to help this man.

Marion told Rory that was a veteran of the United States Navy and spent 10 years in service. He also worked for General Motors, a job he had to leave to help take care of his ex-wife’s husband, which McCarty was moved by.

The old man indicated that finally, both died, so he was left alone and with various financial problems.

From that moment on, the Tiktoker felt that he had to help Butch, so he began to hang out with him at Walmart, which gradually earned his trust and eventually became friends.

Rory had seen that a short while ago, someone created a GoFundMe to help an elderly woman who also worked at a Walmart retire, so she decided to execute the same idea on Butch’s behalf.

In less than 2 days, $100,000 was raised to help the elderly so they can retire.

It was just a few days ago when Rory waited outside the Walmart where Butch worked about 30 hours a week, where she surprised him by handing him the check with the money collected.

The old man said he felt very grateful and indicated that with the donation he will pay the debts he has pending; he also plans to take a 3-week trip to Florida to visit his daughters and grandchildren whom he has not seen for several years.

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