Titanes wins the Aguascalientes Sunday Basketball League – El Sol del Centro

This Sunday, at the facilities of the Norberto Mena Martínez gym of Deportivo Ferrocarrilero, the final match of the first promotion category of the Aguascalientes Sunday Basketball Leaguewhere the set of Titans defeated Michigan by a score of 36-26.

The team of Titans He closed the great job throughout the season and was able to get the title of this category, which is one of the most important in this state contest.

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The quintet commanded by his Captain Carlos Baez started, lost the match and fell behind on the scoreboard by 10 units, however, as the minutes passed, he was able to establish himself on the court and thereby gain the confidence to reverse the result.

The titans comeback It happened in the third period, after showing great offense and being able to turn the score around with a difference of 3 units, which would be extended to 10 points at the end of the match.

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Despite having lost in this match for the championship, it is also noteworthy the great season achieved by the team of Michiganafter being one of the most regular quintets throughout the tournament.

In this way, both sets obtain their ascension to premier and from next season they will fight to maintain the category in a larger division.

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