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Confirmed: Isaac Paredes, the defender of the third base of the Venados de Mazatlán was crowned batting champion in the current 20-21 edition of the Arco League with .379, in addition to driving 26 runs and scoring 28 times; he gave 55 hits, including 17 doubles and 4 home runs.


Not for nothing Isaac is the starter since last year of the hot corner of the Detroit Tigers where of course the pride of Cananea, Aurelio Rodríguez, also shone.

Precisely at the opening of the playoff, today Saturday the Venados will face the Naranjeros, super-leaders in scoring in the campaign and therefore Let’s see which leather comes out of more straps in what must be a great confrontation … although here at the Sonora Stadium in Hermosillo you already know, the actions behind closed doors and neither alleging nor putting yourself against the bad Mr. Covid.

On the other fronts, Jalisco goes to Ciudad Obregón, Culiacán to Guasave and Mexicali to Monterrey. The winners of the best-of-seven series will advance to the semifinals.


1.- My compadre Martínez asked me why Julio Urías did not launch in this edition with the Tomateros de Culiacán: I immediately responded: Dodgers, simply and simply, as colleague / friend Jesús Arturo Llanes Camacho used to express in life, the Dodgers they did not give him permission.

2.- My colleague Julio Maquinay spoke to me on his cell phone to tell me that Baldomero “Melo” Almada, the first Mexican player to make his Major League debut in 1933, also used No. 21 as Espino and Clemente. Total reason!

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3.- Christmas Gift: Edgar Arredondo (5-1) from the Tomateros and 23 years ago native of San Pedro Navolato, Sinaloa, was notified on December 24 that he already belongs to the Arizona franchise; right-hander, before he pitched in Double A for the Texas Rangers. We will see / hopefully he will make his debut in 2021 with the Dbacks, “El Equipo Hermano de Sonora” (Will it be…?).

Invitation to colleagues

4.- No need to keep waiting for “what pass the pandemic ”: At the beginning of the year 2021, I hope that the steering committee of the Asocrodes headed by Fernando Palafox will design an important and already necessary virtual communication / dissemination / training / dissemination and interaction strategy around sport in general or a specific field.

Today, let’s remember, web platforms are the order of the day and no way that colleagues do not know how to implement and promote any action of that nature through an application.

And I’m not talking particularly about the association of sports writers in Sonora, but the invitation is extended to all the state delegations of Femecrode in the country. Comes out…?

5.- I don’t remember if I have already told you that colleague Ariel González Maddux´, editor-in-chief of the Facebook “Three out there and bite the dust” has given me his confidence for a long time, authorizing me to also manage his site, which I am very grateful for and which I have been doing on a daily basis ever since. It was boy and thank you, Ariel!

6.- “Mi Sangre”, Dr. Vicente Arturo Carranza, with experience of more than four decades in Sports Medicine in Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean, more than pleasing to enjoy his Magdalena de Kino, Ciudad Mágica, at his dear parents Dolores Consuelo (Lolita) and Vicente (Don Quico) Carranza Corral, 87 and 90 years old, respectively, to whom from this humble trench my best congratulations in this nascent 2021, as well as Margarita González de Carranza.

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Yes: Reggie Jackson, five times World Series champion (two of them with the Yankees), MVP (two times in the World Series) and guest on 14 All Stars, is giving all his support to the Dominican receiver Gary Sanchez.

On the same site you will find colleague Rafael Baldayac, who reminds us that Águilas Cibaeñas of the Dominican Republic is celebrating its 88th anniversary of its founding on Saturday. Voucher.

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Héctor Barrios: Experts in the field believe that Ernie Banks takes the honors as the most classy player in baseball, immediately and very close they place Puerto Rico’s Roberto Clemente who in 1955 arrived in Pittsburgh … More information here.


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