Today and tomorrow still orange zone

Today and tomorrow again the orange zone, from the 31st Italy returns to the red zone (On Tuesday 29 December 2020) comments The lockdown for the holidays in force until December 27 is lightened on days 28, 29 and 30 when theItaly come back in zone Orange. But only for three days: then we return to zone rossa from … Read on tgcom24.mediaset

SenatoStampa : ??? Outcomes #Group leader. ?? # Budget2021. Today, December 28, in the 5th Commission and tomorrow, at 1.30 pm, in the Chamber to discuss … – marattin : That year of Erasmus in Great Britain (in Birmingham, 1998-99) was a crucial moment in my training and in … – HuffPostItalia : Franceschini warns Renzi: Pd ahead with Conte, today and tomorrow – interior info : December 29, orange zone: what can be done today, when self-certification is needed and why tomorrow is the last one … – brug71 : RT @wushurabbit: Says, disbelievers, Zaia didn’t say she wants a health passport, she just said ‘that will be it’, that ‘today she asks us … –

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