Today in history. Martin Luther King is born

Martin Luther King, Jr., was an American pastor who developed a crucial role in U.S at the forefront of the civil rights movement for African Americans.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 15, 1929. He studied theology at Boston University. Among his most remembered actions are the bus boycott in Montgomery, and the march on Washington for work and freedom.

In 1964 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

He was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968.

such a day like today

1559. UK. In Westminster Abbey, Owen Oglethorpe (Bishop of Carlisle) crowns Elizabeth I as Queen of England and Ireland.

1790. France. Provinces are replaced by departments and these are subdivided into districts, cantons and municipalities.

1811. Colombia. The municipality of Abejorral is founded by the teacher José Antonio Villegas.

1894. Peru. José Luis Bustamante y Rivero, Peruvian diplomat and jurist, president of Peru, is born.


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