Today is the match Tara Moore – Robin Montgomery. Forecasts and rates from an expert on 01/27/21

Tara Moore has only a few days to rest after the last difficult match, so on January 27 it will be very difficult on the court and there will be a tough fight, because the opponent is Robin Montgomery. Tara Moore cannot boast of good statistics of performance against this opponent, since in the previous six meetings it was possible to win only once, and five matches were lost. All over the world, the live broadcast of this meeting will be carried out at 22:00 Moscow time.

Tara Moore has a quote from bookmakers of 3.82 to win this tennis match, and 1.25 was put up for an opponent who is Robin Montgomery.

Tara Moore has been showing good play on long rallies lately, and there has also been a lot of variation on the back line. Moreover, at the beginning of the season I had to play on hard, and this is far from the best surface, and now Tara Moore will play on the grass, and these courts are specialized. It is at grass tournaments that Tara Moore often enters the finals or semi-finals. From the backhand, Tara Moore often uses cut punches, which leads to the opponent’s mistake. Tara Moore is currently ranked 134th in the tennis rankings, so it is important to show good results in order to break into the top 100 and avoid qualifying matches in the future. At this tournament, it was not yet necessary to meet with serious rivals, so Tara Moore has enough strength to play a tense fight.

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At this tournament, Robin Montgomery tries to perform as best as possible, because you need to protect your glasses in order to stay in the twenty best rackets in the world. Last year, they managed to reach the semifinals here, so Robin Montgomery feels great on these courts and already knows how to act to get as far as possible in the tournament. The last semi-final was lost due to lack of experience, but this season Robin Montgomery demonstrates more adult tennis, which definitely made the results more stable. Robin Montgomery not only relies on his strong serve, but also constantly works to improve the reception, so if before you could only see the forehand, now Robin Montgomery is doing just as well on the backhand. Robin Montgomery has iron nerves and never gives in to emotions, so even if there are defeats in the first set, then Robin Montgomery manages to change the course of the match and get a difficult victory.

Since Tara Moore and Robin Montgomery prefer to act in an attacking style, and are not defending enough this season, tennis analysts expect an open play and suggest betting on the total over.

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