Today’s Top News in Miami, Florida and the US – NBC 7 Miami (51)

Today is Tuesday June 7 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- A police shooting in northwest Miami-Dade left a 70-year-old man dead. The man called 911 and said that if the police did not arrive in three minutes, he was going to kill someone. A patrol showed up at the scene and the officers tried to talk to him. But the man would have pointed a shotgun at them and was shot dead.

2.- Nelson Sosa, 56 years old, He is accused of murdering his sister Mairym Sosa, 53, whom he would have strangled and stabbed. But he has not yet been charged with the death of her mother, Miriam Sosa, 84, who was found dead on a bed, but with no signs of violence. Neighbors in the area say the man had serious mental problems.

3.- A man who entered a house in Miramar without permission was shot dead by a family member. According to the report, the man was known to the owner of the house, but when he entered he would have argued with a person, who pulled out a gun and shot him. The exact relationship of those involved is unknown. The homeowner was not on the property at the time.

4.- Three days after the strong storms that hit South Florida many communities continue to be flooded. In a Hialeah mobile home park, the water is still stagnant. Many residents lost cars, furniture, and appliances, and their homes were severely damaged.

5.- A man faces charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault after fracturing his girlfriend’s jaw and causing a frontal crack in her skull. The victim told from a Mercy hospital bed that Pascual Pineda, 62, hit her in the eye and on her face. The man was arrested at a store in Little Havana.

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