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Today is Friday June 10 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- Moments of terror lived a woman whose car was stolen with her nine-month-old baby on board. The woman left the girl and her sister in the vehicle for a few moments to pick up clothes at a Sweetwater laundromat. But another woman entered the car, lowered the older girl and fled. The little girl was left unharmed in a restaurant, but the accused is still at large.

2.- He faces serious charges the man accused of killing his father with an assault rifle. On Wednesday, a Miami-Dade police SWAT team blew out a room door to arrest him at a Biscayne Boulevard motel. Maurice Wright, 27, was denied bond. He will return to court today, but for another drug possession case for which he was on probation.

3.- The Embassy of the United States in Cuba announced that this month it will schedule visa appointments for immediate relatives. Consular interviews will be in Cuba and not in Guyana but only for spouses, children under 21 years of age and parents of a US citizen. The headquarters said it does not yet have all the logistics to accept more visa categories.

4.- An employee who was fired from a furniture business in Miami was accused of setting fire to the premises. Yolexy Medina, 43, was arrested and faces charges of arson and burglary of a property. The incident occurred at Grafton Furniture,” where Medina worked as a carpenter but was laid off in April.

5.- The Republican state representative Anthony Sabatini said he intends to penalize parents who take their children to gay pride parades. His proposed law would make them lose their guardianship rights and they would face criminal charges. Governor Ron DeSantis said that these types of events should not be directed at minors.

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