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Today is Monday June 20 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- The left will accede for the first time to the Presidency of Colombia after the triumph obtained this Sunday in the second electoral round by the leftist, Gustavo Petro, of the coalition of the Historical Pact. After his triumph, Petro addressed the Colombians and spoke for 40 minutes of change and assured that the administration will have a policy of understanding and dialogue.

2.- And in South Florida, thousands of Colombians turned out to vote. After knowing the results, the opinions are divided between those who celebrate the victory and those who are worried about what could happen in Colombia with the new president.

3.- Miami police continue to search this morning for the person(s) suspected of shooting at a moving vehicle on US Highway 1 with six people on board last Sunday morning. The shooting occurred in the northbound lanes at 22nd Avenue. Five people in the car were injured.

4.- Thousands of flights were canceled during this holiday weekend. On Friday alone, more than 2.4 million travelers passed through the transportation security administration’s checkpoints. Several airlines have canceled more than a thousand flights and more than 6 thousand were delayed. This Sunday more than a thousand delays were reported, according to the Flightaware application. Due to lack of personnel, especially pilots, some airlines have canceled thousands of trips for the summer. The transportation secretary met with top airline executives to discuss how to improve this situation.

5.- A group of Cuban rafters fighting for their lives in the water without lifeguards were rescued by a good samaritan who was going from the USA to Bimini in his boat. After rescuing them in his boat, he contacted the Coast Guard and federal agents who arrived minutes later to take custody of the rafters.

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