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Today is Thursday May 12 and these are the main news of the day:

1- Insurers, victims and defendants reach an economic settlement of 997 million dollars for the collapse of the building in Surfsidebut the set of funds destined to compensate the victims will increase to more than one billion, since that figure does not include the minimum offer of 120 million dollars from the auction of the lot, set for May 24.

2- One of the brothers accused of a shooting in February appeared in court, which ended with a young man killed on the Palmetto Expressway. Ahmad Jacques is facing first-degree murder charges and the investigation says it was retaliation for another shooting in February that left a man dead in West Little River. Days ago Kemard Jacques, 23, had been arrested.

3- The FIU police warn about reports of sexual extortion at the hands of cybercriminals, who threaten their victims with sharing their intimate images or sexual content. It all starts on the internet, where the offender asks the victim to move to another platform, to share visual intimacy. The police advise to be careful with what is shared on social networks.

4- And a brutal crash in Florida City ended the lives of two drivers, it happened on 416th Street and US-1, heading south. According to the report, a Chevrolet brand sedan was going in the opposite direction of traffic and collided head-on with a Toyota brand truck. Another vehicle was seriously damaged, but its driver, fortunately, was saved and did not have to be hospitalized.

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5- The NACA fair returns to Miami Beach, the non-profit organization that helps low-income people qualify for mortgage loans with 100% financing, zero closing costs and below-market interest rates. You can register at, or go to the Miami Beach Convention Center, from today, Thursday, May 12, until Sunday, from 8 am to 8 pm

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