Today’s Top News in Miami, Florida and the US – NBC 7 Miami (51)

Today is Wednesday December 7th and these are the main news of the day:

1.- A house in Coral Gables has been kept under police surveillance for more than 12 hours as part of an active investigation in which police officers pretend to talk to someone who lives in that residence. However, the residents of that home have refused to speak to authorities.

2.- And Large fire broke out at a Hialeah junkyard. About 100 firefighters from Hialeah and Miami-Dade responded to the flames. for more than two hours. The authorities are evaluating the magnitude of the damage and the possible causes of the incident.

3.- Appeared in court one of 2 arrested for Dadeland Mall parking lot shooting. Alex Antonio Bryant, 18, is accused of shooting and wounding a man. The defendant had fled with another person in a car that ended up crashing into a pole, before both were arrested.

4.- Entered into force a new penal code in Cuba, which includes more crimes that could carry the death penalty, such as stealing a ship or plane in order to leave the island. In addition, hostage-taking and crimes against maritime navigation, civil aviation and air and maritime security are included. Protest demonstrations could be considered serious crimes, at the discretion of prosecutors.

5.- Nine Florida residents were charged with conspiring to submit some $37 million in fraudulent health care claims to Blue Cross Blue Shield. According to the report, the defendants allegedly paid bribes to beneficiaries of Blue Cross insurance plans to induce them to serve as patients for treatment they never received.

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