Today’s Top News in Miami, Florida and the US – NBC 7 Miami (51)

Today is Monday December 26 and these are the main news of the day:

1- We start with the effects of winter storm that has 60 percent of the country on alert, which felt faster than expected in Miami. Flight cancellations and delays left hundreds of travelers stranded in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, the two main airports in South Florida. This Sunday, about 7,000 delayed flights and some 2,700 canceled were registered in the United States.

2- Steven Watson fell into the hands of the authorities, a man accused of stealing at least 30 Christmas gifts from Hollywood homes on Saturday. Fortunately, the police were able to identify most of the owners of the packages they found in the vehicle the suspect was driving, reported stolen. Thus, they were able to return them before Christmas began.

3- It is still unknown what happened to a Southwest Airlines flight that took off from Fort Lauderdale yesterday, but could not land in Havana. According to some passengers, Flight 3922 was in the air when the crew announced that they would not be able to land at the “José Martí” International Airport. The aircraft returned, without the passengers knowing exactly what happened.

4- If it is cold, you have to talk about the iguanas, well, when the temperatures drop, these reptiles go into a catatonic state and fall from the trees. Although they appear dead, they are not, and can become potentially dangerous if threatened. For this reason, it is recommended not to touch them or try to revive them, to avoid a bad reaction on their part.

5- If on these holidays you go out to celebrate and drink too much, the AAA has a program to help you return home, without having to drive. It’s called “Tow To Go” and it’s totally free. It will transport the driver and his vehicle to a safe location, within a 10-mile radius. This program is available between Friday, December 23 and Monday, January 2. If you are interested, you can call 855-286-9246.

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