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Today is Friday May 6 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- The United States will increase the expulsion of Cubans and Nicaraguans to Mexico. Until now, both were an exception and the rest were deported. Mexico agreed to receive 100 Cuban migrants and 20 Nicaraguans each day, at the border points of San Diego, El Paso and Río Grande. More than 78,000 Cubans have arrived at the southern border from October 2021 to date.

2.- A car was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of a Hialeah gym, located on 10th Avenue, at the height of 12th Street. The victim says he was inside his car having a smoothie after exercising, when an individual pointed a gun at him. They took the vehicle and the phone, but the criminals crashed moments later.

3.- They revealed images of a execution-style murder, inside a market near I-95 and Sunrise Boulevard. On March 13, a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt entered Tony’s Market and seconds later shot a person who was conversing in the doorway at close range. The family of the victim, identified as Steven Black, say he put up bounty signs for the gunman, but someone ripped them off.

4.- An alleged attack that began with racist phrases against an FIU student, ended with physical damage. Daniel Augusto Roncancio repeatedly hit the victim in the face and abdomen, as he exited the elevator of a student residence. He is now facing assault charges for religious bias, against a foreign student. The defendant had a history of violence.

5.- They presented the design for the new 8th Street Pedestrian Bridge, which will connect FIU to Sweetwater. The structure will replace the bridge that collapsed four years ago, killing six people. This project has a cost of 15.5 million dollars and will benefit the more than 45 thousand residents of Sweetwater, as well as the students of FIU. Construction should start in 2024.

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