Tony Iommi to become “action figure”

The KnuckleBonz brand continues with its “Rock Iconz” saga, where it will sell the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist.

KnuckleBonz brand, creators of the saga of “collectible figures” called “Rock Iconz” delivers great musicians like King Diamond, Rob Halford, Ghost, Eddie of Iron Maiden and much more. But his latest release is the announcement of the arrival of the initial production units of Tony Iommi, the great Black Sabbath guitarist.

To acquire them, we tell you that advance orders are always the first to be shipped and leave in the order in which they were received because they are manufactured in the United States. Inventory is super limited, so if you’re a Black Sabbath fan, you can’t miss it.

Each limited edition KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz statue is handcrafted. There are never more than 3000 pieces issued to super fans around the world. All Rock Iconz statues are officially licensed limited edition collectibles. This is a production process in which each statue is hand molded, painted and numbered. Rock Iconz is created in 1/9 scale, making each statue 8 to 9 inches tall. Each statue comes with a certificate of authenticity on the base of the statue.

The Tony Iommi statue sells for $ 149, or 110,000 Chilean pesos, and is shipped worldwide.

KnuckleBonz has been creating high-end statues since 2003 and continues to dedicate himself to honoring the greatest performers of music through art in the limited edition series of statues called Rock Iconz. The company’s goal is to capture a “live performance” moment in each limited edition.

Recall that in February 2017, Sabbath ended their farewell tour called “The End”, in Birmingham, closing the extensive 49-year career of the quartet.



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