too drunk, the man gets 3 months in prison, “you posed a serious risk”

The facts date back to October 19. Police had been called to Birmingham Airport following a report of a drunk passenger on a Jet2 plane from Turkey, according to the Mirror.

This passenger is Ali, 49 years old. This matter was taken to court and it was there that he admitted to having been drunk on a plane before. But this time, he receives a 3 month prison sentence.

Andrew Wallace, prosecutor at Birmingham Crown Court, reports the facts: “The defendant had vomited on himself and on the seats of the plane. He was slumped in his seat, he smelled of vomit and alcohol and his eyes were red. »

Before delivering judgment, Judge Simon Drew adds a few facts. “It’s impossible for me to know how drunk you were, but when you were asked for your passport, you just couldn’t get it out of your bag, which is a good indicator of the state where you were. You didn’t assault anyone on the plane and you weren’t rude to them either. The fact is that people who are intoxicated on an airplane pose a serious risk to anyone on board the aircraft, since there is always the risk that due to your inebriated state your behavior will become uncontrollable and endangers the lives of those on the plane who cannot escape. »

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His lawyer pleads extenuating circumstances: “His behavior had not caused concern, he had not been aggressive and no one had been forced to change seats. He had just fallen asleep. Ali was actually returning from an engagement party when he got on the plane.

The sentence of 3 months imprisonment was still pronounced.

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