Too hot: parcel messenger collapses on delivery

The high temperatures also make things difficult for the parcel carrier. A man in Arizona has now collapsed in front of a house because of temperatures well above 40 degrees.

Doorbell footage shows a package delivery boy tripping and falling while working in the sweltering Arizona heat. Video, captured by a Ring doorbell system, shows a dazed UPS worker approaching a Scottsdale home before slowly tipping over while setting down an envelope.

The worker then sat crouched in the shade of the porch for a few seconds, later lying flat on the ground. Temperatures in Arizona have been well over 40 degrees in the past few days. Clearly too hot for the parcel messenger.

Homeowner Brian Enriquez was at work when the UPS driver came by. However, he received a notification from his front door system, TV station KPNX reported. I was worried because he came and stumbled towards the doorsaid Enriquez to KPNX. Had I picked up my phone earlier, I would have talked to him about my ring [Türklingel] able to speak, but by then he had already left the property.

I just want to make sure these people are safe and in this heat these people don’t have air conditioning in their truckssaid Enriquez to KPNX. His safety is my concern. UPS said it to the worker “goes well” and that drivers are trained to work outdoors and the effects of hot weather.

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