Top 10 Psychologists in Montgomery (Alabama)

With just over 200,000 permanent inhabitants the city of Montgomery is the capital of the so well known by many people State of Alabama.

Although it has the second largest population in its State, Montgomery is considered the most important city in Alabama because it has a very high historical importance because during the American Civil War, Montgomery was officially declared the capital of the Confederate States from the south.

Thanks to its population and its long history, the city of Montgomery today has a wide variety of services, among which it is worth noting that both in this city and in its surroundings there is a very interesting offer of highly qualified psychologists.

Having the help of one of these specialists can be very useful in some situations as diverse as, for example, a divorce, a grieving process or a couple crisis and that is why the fact of always have at our disposal the help of an experienced psychologist.

If you live in the historic city of Montgomery and you think that perhaps you might need (at least temporarily) the help of one of these specialists, you should know that thanks to the article that you can read below, you will have the opportunity to start your search for the psychologist who is today you really need.

Top Rated Psychologists in Montgomery (Alabama)

Let’s go over a short list with the best psychologists that we can currently find both in the city of Montgomery as in its surroundings, so that you can choose the most appropriate psychology professional to be able to treat in a totally effective way any possible emotional complication that you suffer.

Liliana Sanchez She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Argosy in Alabama and has a remarkable experience of more than 6 years dedicating herself professionally to the exciting field of mental health. As your possible future patients, it would be very interesting for us to take into account that we can attend your consultation both alone, as a couple or as a family, a fact that in practice will allow us to address practically any type of emotional problem that eventually we may suffer.

It should be noted that this psychologist is an expert in finding solutions to marital conflicts and in the treatment of some difficulties such as anxiety, depression, stress or low self-esteem.

The psychologist Consuelo Viteri She graduated in Psychology through the well-known University of Birmingham and since then, we should know that this excellent psychologist has been treating people of all ethnicities and cultures for more than 25 years in her practice with a very extensive experience thanks to which, this specialist is fully capable today of being able to treat people of all ages with great effectiveness.

Consulo Viteri is an expert in the treatment of trauma and post-traumatic stress, in problems related to anxiety, in cases of conduct disorder and in the difficulties that can sometimes arise due to a possible problem of sexual identity.

Wes Goodenough He has a degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University and is an expert, both in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders and in the therapy that should be applied in case of suffering any emotional difficulty.

This specialist stands out for having great ability in the treatment of trauma, in the application of therapy in processes of recovery from serious injuries and also in the search for solutions to performance problems, which on some occasions elite athletes tend to suffer. .

Angie Kelly She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Alabama and currently it should be noted that this specialist focuses the vast majority of her efforts on performing online therapy for patients who are distributed throughout the state of Alabama.

This psychologist can be of great help to us in the event that we are going through a possible crisis within our relationship, we suffer some difficulty related to anxiety or simply if we feel that our levels of work stress are too high .

Clinton Smith He graduated in Psychology from Auburn University and later specialized in the practice of clinical psychology and in the undoubtedly very interesting application of Coaching.

In the consultation of this psychologist, if we wish, we will have the interesting opportunity to be able to carry out therapy using clinical hypnosis as the main methodology, a procedure thanks to which it is possible that we obtain great results in the treatment of all kinds of difficulties, we may even from the first session.

Bre Carr She studied Psychology at the University of Birmingham in Alabama and over time, it should be noted that this specialist has gained extensive experience in the implementation of the well-known cognitive behavioral therapy.

In your consultation we can receive the treatment we need to be able to face in a much more effective way some of our most personal difficulties, some examples of these being anxiety disorders, possible depression or the always so unwanted personal traumas.

Sharlaine Ortiz She has a degree in Psychology from the well-known Minneapolis Walden University and it is also worth noting that this specialist has been a member of the famous Alabama Psychological Association for more than 6 years.

With the help that this specialist will give us, all of us will be able to face in a much more effective way, some unfortunately well-known psychological difficulties such as severe depression, excessively high levels of anxiety or a possible case of the increasingly common social phobia.

Sara Bogdanovich He completed his basic studies specialized in Psychology at the University of New Hampshire and currently specializes in both the treatment of hyperactivity disorders and traumas or also in all those problems, which normally those people who have a behavior sometimes irrational.

This psychologist stands out for being an expert in the treatment of anxiety problems, severe cases of depression or emotional difficulties that can sometimes arise due to an adoption process that may be too complicated.

Delia Giselle Reeves She finished her specialized studies in Psychology during 2016 and since then, she has offered her services as a psychology professional in person at her office in Madison and also offers all her patients the possibility of being treated by her online from any another locality or municipality throughout the State of Alabama.

If we decide to contact her, we should know that with her help we can address in a much more efficient way some difficulties that are unfortunately well known, such as depression, the always so unwanted anxiety or even a serious problem related to suicidal ideations.

Octavio Ramirez has extensive experience of more than 20 years practicing psychology at a time in which this specialist, little by little, has become professional in the application of the increasingly used and no less interesting cognitive behavioral therapy.

By making intensive use of cognitive therapy, in the consultation of this psychologist we can obtain great results in the case of suffering some difficulties such as anxiety, Asperger’s syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or even a possible addiction to narcotics.

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