Top 10 things to do and see in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a bit like the Bruce Springsteen of canyons. He’s the boss! Hyper large, majestic, intimidating and moving, it is revealed in a global way, when one stands for example at the level of Mather Point, or even from the inside over magical corners. How about a little exploration?

1. A little train ride

The Grand Canyon has its own train station. A station where the train from Williams, Arizona arrives. So certainly, the train does not run along the banks of the canyon but it is certainly the best way to get there. Picturesque as you wish!

2. You camping

And not wild! Two parks are available for campers. Ideal for totally immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere of the Grand Canyon. And unless you come across noisy people, you can discover the true meaning of the word silence!

3. Go rafting

Particularly spectacular, this means of transport, on the Colorado River, meanders along the rock formations. Magical !

4. The Bright Angel Trail

Here, the mules are out! We climb on the back of one of these noble animals and we discover the Grand Canyon seen from the inside, in total communion with nature.

5. A helicopter ride

So yeah ok, it’s expensive. Very expensive even. But what a view! To do the Grand Canyon in a helicopter is to capture the incredible beauty of this incredible site.

7. Le Skywalk

Located on the fringes of Mather Point and the Grand Canyon village, this piece of glass, which offers some chills, was set up at Grand Canyon West, in the territory of the Hualapai. Walking about twenty meters above the canyon, on a 10cm platform, is a rather unique experience of its kind.

8. The Havasu Falls

The Grand Canyon has its own waterfall. 37 meters high, located on the Havasu Creek, a tributary of the Colorado, it is popular for its water, to which the calcium carbonate gives a nice blue-green hue.

9. The IMAX theater

Yes it’s weird but the Grand Canyon also has its cinema! A place where you don’t come to see the last Spider-Man but rather the movie Grand Canyon: the hidden secrets. For a clever visit, there is no better. And in addition, in the middle of summer, it is refreshing.

10. Cross the Navajo Bridge

In Grand Canyon National Park, this is the only way to cross the Colorado River. A magnificent bridge, opened in 1929, presented at the time as the highest in the world, in its category.

Impossible to get bored in the Grand Canyon!

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