Top 5 NFL spots for Jim Harbaugh if he were to leave Michigan.

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines. (Photo par Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

It looks like Jim Harbaugh would seriously consider leaving Michigan for an NFL job now.

After testing the waters in the NFL last offseason with the Minnesota Vikings, a real opportunity could tempt Jim Harbaugh to leave his Michigan alma mater.

Harbaugh won everywhere he went, including four years with the San Francisco 49ers. Although he rarely stays anywhere for very long, Harbaugh has led the Wolverines since 2015. While Michigan has won the Big Ten two seasons in a row, Harbaugh is now 0-2 in College Football Playoff games. At over 60, it’s now or never for an NFL comeback.

If Harbaugh were to return to the NFL, one of these five teams could be the one to hire him…

Jim Harbaugh’s NFL Return Rumors: 5 Teams The Michigan Coach Could Leave For


Washington Commanders


Washington Commanders could be without Ron Rivera after second-half collapse

With the Washington Commanders falling apart in the second half of the season, would it shock you if they parted ways with Ron Rivera on Black Monday? This is Washington after all, where nothing is shocking. They introduced Major Tuddy as a mascot, in what I’m sure is a smokescreen for something far more nefarious. They are what they are, but they need Harbaugh.

Imagine this nervous bird explaining to second-year quarterback Sam Howell why eating red meat is so important. Wash it all down with a tall glass of 2% and this team will go far. Will these places be any good? It’s debatable, but we’re in the business of the interesting, and Harbaugh in the Nation’s Capital is certainly interesting. Keep in mind that his big brother John coaches in Baltimore…

Harbaugh has had great success in San Francisco, so he might have what it takes to become a star in the chaos of Washington.

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